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Experience the relaxing and healing benefits of reflexology!
Your session starts with your choice of Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, or Coconut oil. These oils are massaged in to warm the feet or hands and to boost circulation. If a hot stone service was scheduled, the hot stones will be used to further help massage the oils into the skin and to provide a relaxing and therapeutic heat therapy.  Next, different reflexology techniques will be used to stimulate the nerve endings and to promote relaxation. These reflexology techniques have a variety of different benefits from promoting relaxation and positive organ health to pain management and much more! The session ends with a brief foot or hand massage with a lotion of your choice!
Music and aromatherapy will accompany your session for ultimate relaxation!

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Our Services

Foot Reflexology


Experience ultimate relaxation with our foot reflexology! Foot reflexology is currently our most popular service and for a good reason! Our feet take us everywhere, so they definitely deserve some love and care! In our foot reflexology sessions, we use a variety of reflexology techniques to achieve maximum relaxation, along with achieving the benefits reflexology has to offer!


Hand Reflexology


Hand reflexology has the same goal as foot reflexology, which to stimulate the nerve endings to achieve multiple benefits throughout the body. Hand reflexology is relaxing and good for those who cannot receive foot reflexology or just prefer their hands worked on! 


Hot Stone Reflexology


Hot stone reflexology is available for the hands and feet. Hot stone reflexology has the same benefits of regular reflexology, along with the benefits of the heat therapy from the stones! The heat therapy helps boost circulation and can assist in providing a deeper working of the reflexes and nerve endings on the foot or hand, along with getting some comforting heat from the stones!

About Us


All Services are Performed by a Certified Reflexologist

 We care about your well being and will provide you with the best care possible. That is why all reflexology sessions are performed by a certified reflexologist. This is important because the state of Tennessee currently allows massage therapists to practice and offer reflexology even though most of them have zero to minimum training in the practice. Certification is important in providing an effective session because proper technique and knowledge of reflex locations are crucial for effective reflexology sessions. Reflexology is not foot or hand massage! It is so much more and it is a specialty! Don't miss out!


Natural Healing

Reflexology is a relaxing alternative therapy that involves stimulating the nerve endings on the feet or hands through specific techniques and pressures. Reflexology has a wide array of potential benefits from sinus trouble to back pain, along with helping the internal organs, muscles, and more!  

Our goal is to provide alternative holistic care that has the potential to reverse and prevent disease and other complications, along with being relaxing and enjoyable! Not only is reflexology beneficial in several ways, but it is something you can look forward to!

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Caring For Your Health

  Investing in reflexology is an investment in your health! Many people are turning to alternative healing practices to aid in health complications or for general prevention of said complications. Many are also trying to avoid pharmaceuticals if possible due to many having harsh side effects and more! Invest in reflexology for a relaxing alternative healing experience!

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Monday - Friday: 10am -1:30pm and 2:30pm-6pm (Appointments Only)

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Please note that reflexology is not a substitute for medical care that has been diagnosed by a doctor or health professional.

Please note Relaxation Reflexology has the right to refuse service to anyone. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in a ban from the premises.