Frequently Asked Questions


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a relaxing alternative therapy that involves stimulating the nerve endings on the feet or hands through specific techniques and pressures. Reflexology has a wide array of potential benefits from sinus trouble to back pain, along with helping the internal organs, muscles, and more! 

What Are Some Benefits of Reflexology? Why do you offer memberships?

Reflexology has many benefits for the whole body! Please see the Benefits of Reflexology tab in our drop-down menu for more information!

We offer memberships to allow guests to come back on a regular basis, while saving money with each and every visit because of their membership discounts! We offer memberships because reflexology does work best when done regularly, even if it is just once a month. Memberships allow those to invest in their health and come regularly for sessions while saving money on each visit! People choose Relaxation Reflexology because we offer reflexology by a certified reflexologist. This sets us apart because many establishments do not have proper certification or training to offer reflexology and because of this they do not offer legitimate reflexology. Therefore, people love being able to come to us regularly at discounted rates! 

What sets Relaxation Reflexology Apart?

What sets Relaxation Reflexology apart is that all reflexology services are performed by a certified reflexologist. Most places do not have a certified reflexologist performing the service and those who are aware of reflexology can usually tell right away from the lack of technique and knowledge from the therapist. These people often are frustrated and cheated by this because they feel like they are being lied to about the service they asked and paid for. Tennessee currently allows Massage Therapists to offer reflexology even though most have little to no training in reflexology! Therefore, it is important to know that most places that claim to offer reflexology are not offering genuine reflexology. Certification and training are important because reflexology is a specialty and requires a special technique to stimulate the nerve endings. This technique is important in reflexology because the nerve endings are so small and close together that they cannot be properly stimulated by just a foot or hand massage. Also, knowing the location of reflexes is important in identifying potential stressors in the body. Another thing that sets Relaxation Reflexology apart is our Hot Stone Reflexology services because many places do not offer this!

isn't Reflexology Just a Foot or Hand Massage?

NO, NO, NO! Reflexology is way more than that! We can't blame you for asking this though! As stated above, due to the high volume of untrained therapists offering "reflexology" this misconception has taken place. Due to these untrained therapists claiming to offer reflexology, but then only performing a regular foot or hand massage has caused many to believe reflexology is just a fancy name for a foot or hand massage. We assure you there is way more to it! After all, in Tennessee to have a reflexology certification with the state of Tennessee, you must complete a minimum of 200 hours in a reflexology-only course! That shows there's a lot to know and learn! What better way to understand the difference than to experience it? Come on down and give our reflexology a try!

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Please call us or email us to schedule an appointment! Please note that we are currently appointment only and take appointments Monday through Friday from 10am to 1:30pm and 2:30pm to 6pm. Hot Stone appointments must be 11am or later.

What Should I Do for My First Appointment? What If I am Late?

Please come about 15 minutes early to your first appointment. We will have you fill out new client paperwork to get an understanding of your health and needs, so that we can tailor the treatment to you! Please dress comfortably, but appropriate. Also, we currently take cash and cards. There is a 4% transaction fee with cards and we do not accept checks. Please also be aware that we understand life happens and you may be late; however, due to other appointments, we may have to cut your session off at the designated stop time as to not inconvenience other guests. This applies to all appointments! We ask if you ever need to cancel or reschedule an appointment to give us a 24 hour notice.