Late/No Show Policy


Late Arrivals

Relaxation Reflexology is currently run on an appointment only basis. Late arrivals are not entitled to their full session time for arriving late and will be charged for the full session. This is to ensure other guests' services start on time. This includes filling out new client paperwork prior to appointment. We recommend all guests come 15 minutes early in order to have time to fill out the paperwork and not roll into the session start time. 

For example, if you schedule a 60 minute foot reflexology session at a start time of 2:30 and an end time of 3:30 and arrive at 2:55 but take till 3:10 to finish the paperwork, your session will still end at 3:30 and you will be required to pay for the 60 minute session. It is your responsibility to arrive on time and early enough to have time to fill out your paperwork in order to receive your full session. This policy is set in place to make sure other guests' appointments are on time.

No Call/No Show

Relaxation Reflexology asks that you call if rescheduling is necessary. Please note that two no call/no shows will result in needing a valid debit or credit card on file to book future appointments; any 

no calls/no shows in the future will result in a charge (non-refundable) of 50% retail price for the service scheduled. 

Note: a no call/no show is counted when someone has an appointment and does not call or show up or calls at very last minute (an hour or less before appointment start time) to cancel or reschedule.

This policy is set in place to prevent multiple no call/no shows as other guests would have liked the slot.