Sneak Peak of Relaxation Reflexology

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Genuine Reflexology

All our services are offered by a certified reflexologist with the State of Tennessee! This ensures you are receiving reflexology from someone who has has 200+ hours of reflexology training! We take pride in this certification and training because the State of Tennessee allows Massage Therapists to perform reflexology even though most have not had any or very little training. On top of this, Tennessee does not currently require a Massage Therapist to disclose upfront or at all their lack of training in reflexology unless asked! Reflexology is not foot or hand massage! Certification is important because reflexology requires a very specific technique in order to stimulate the nerve endings and knowledge of the location of the reflexes is key in order to give an effective and quality reflexology service! You are in good hands with us! 

Initial Visit to Relaxation Reflexology

On your first visit, you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment start time to complete New Client paperwork. This paperwork is important because it gives the reflexologist an idea of your health and needs and can tailor the treatment to best suit them!

Treatment Room

Relaxation Reflexology's treatment room currently consists of a small display of oils and lotions and decorative bowls for said oils. You will relax in a comfortable zero gravity reclining chair with a pillow propping your feet up. Why a zero gravity reclining chair? The zero gravity reclining chair allows for the feet and hands to be easily accessed, as it puts the feet at a good height and angle for working. The reclining design of the chair also puts you in a position that is easier on your back, so this way you can lay back and relax without worrying about excess strain on your back! The therapy room also consists of a salt lamp and aromatherapy diffuser and some decorative crystals and crystal trees. Each treatment will provide warm towels to the feet and an eyemask if needed or wanted. Other amenities are included depending on the treatment selected such as the hot stones, oils, and lotions.

Located in Beautiful Pleasant View, Tennessee

Relaxation Reflexology is currently located in the beautiful town of Pleasant View, Tennessee! This is good for the local community to have a natural and holistic clinic in town. Also, Pleasant View is in the middle of Nashville and Clarksville, so both cities are not too far of a drive away!

Spread the Love and Healing

Spread the love by telling friends, family, and acquaintances about us! Many different people can benefit from reflexology! Many people have also had great benefits from regular sessions, so you can really be doing somebody a favor! Always remember to treat yourself as well! Treat yourself to reflexology too! 

General Information

As stated above, reflexology is not foot or hand massage. Reflexology is a relaxing alternative therapy that involves stimulating the nerve endings on the feet or hands through specific techniques and pressures. Reflexology has a wide array of potential benefits from sinus trouble to back pain, along with helping the internal organs, muscles, stress, mental health, and more! It is very relaxing and enjoyable and almost anyone can receive reflexology. Only a few can't! For example, Relaxation Reflexology currently does not offer maternity reflexology. Also, those that have recently or are currently sick should not receive reflexology. Those who have infectious skin diseases or ailments should not receive reflexology either!